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True Colours Coaching & Training specialises in introducing coaching and coaching skills into organisations throughout the world.

TCCT has been supporting leaders for over 12 years to create a working environment in which employees have the skills to recognise and elicit the best performance out of themselves and each other.

Introducing coaching and coaching skills into the organisation is one of the most powerful ways to create such an environment.

Over the last decades the coaching profession has seen extraordinary growth as more and more organisations recognise that in order to meet the business objectives of today and to remain truly competitive, it is necessary to weave coaching into relevant activities, such as performance reviews, personal development plans and talent management.

Coaching and leading in a coach-like way have become essential in times where choices are overwhelming and the pressure to innovate and perform is higher than ever.

Get equipped to thrive!

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Philippine Linn, Certified Professional Co-active Coach

Certified Professional
Co-active Coach &
ICF certified Coach


"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes..."

Marcel Proust