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About True Colours Coaching & Training

True Colours Coaching & Training is a multi-national coaching & training practise founded by Philippine Linn in 2003.


A world in which coaching is a core leadership competency in every organisation.


Our mission is to introduce coaching services in organisations where there is none.


We believe coaching is one of the most powerful ways to communicate and connect, leading to strong relationships from which people are able to develop and produce extraordinary results.


We know that self-awareness is a necessity in times where choices are overwhelming and pressures higher than ever. We commit to finding a sense of direction for all our clients, knowing that everybody has a unique contribution to make to this planet.

For whom?

For any individual or organisation that recognises that professional coaching is an important ingredient in developing and leveraging their talents.

With whom?

True Colours Coaching & Training works with associates in The United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland and in The Netherlands, who are all trained and certified by the prestigious Coaches Training Institute in Co-active Coaching. Most coaches are also credentialed by the ICF.

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